K-Sounds' Triton Format Sound Libraries

Epic Grand

K-Sounds is proud to present Epic Grand, an amazing piano sample library for the Korg Triton, Triton Studio, Triton Extreme, Triton Rack, Triton LE, and TR. Epic Grand features close-miked stereo samples of a Japanese grand. Offering a gorgeous, rich tone and dynamic keyboard response, this piano is poised to make your music truly epic.

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K-Sounds presents Organimation, the definitive tonewheel organ sound library for the Korg Triton. With true drawbar and percussion samples taken from a vintage tonewheel organ, massively upgraded rotary speaker effects, a custom C3 chorus effect, and real time drawbar control, Organimation unleashes the true organ power of your Triton.

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Piano 2

Piano 2 is a beautiful sample library featuring velocity-switched samples of a beautiful Kawai EX concert piano, carefully programmed and ready to play. Presets are provided to cover a wide variety of applications and styles. Solo pianos vary brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Layered sounds combine the piano with electric pianos, pads, orchestras, and string sections.

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Volume 1

Volume 1 is a piano sample library featuring stereo samples of four distinct pianos: a Steinway concert grand, a Baldwin concert grand, a Kawai concert grand, and a mid-size Kawai grand. A variety of solo and layered sounds are provided for each piano. Volume 1 also offers a violin ensemble sample and lush multi-velocity samples of FM electric pianos.

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