Volume 1 – Triton Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

Volume 1 is a piano sample library for the Korg Triton featuring four beautiful stereo grand pianos: a Balwin concert grand, a Kawai EX concert grand, a bright mid-size Kawai grand, and a velocity-switched Steinway D concert grand.

For each piano sample, several programs and combinations are provided, catering to a wide variety of musical needs and styles. Programs include solo pianos with varied dynamic response and tone quality. Combinations feature pianos layered with pads, electric pianos, synth vocals, strings, full orchestra, and more.

Volume 1 also features two multi-velocity stereo FM electric pianos. The standard DX electric piano is sampled in up to eight discreet velocities, and another widely used DX electric piano is offered in up to six velocities. As with the acoustic pianos, both are presented with a variety of programs and combinations.

As a bonus, this library offers a legato violin ensemble - great for pads and layers!

Download User Guide K-Sounds Volume 1 - Triton Format User Guide

Triton Models:
Volume 1 is fully compatible with the Triton Classic,* Triton Rack, Triton Studio, and Triton Extreme.** Triton LE* and TR* users can load sample data up to 64Mb as well as most PCG data. On the LE and TR, insert effects settings will be different than intended, and unless you load banks A and B of the Triton Classic factory presets, combinations may not have correct program assignments.

RAM Requirements:
64Mb or 96Mb sample RAM recommended.

Media Requirements:
Compatible storage media for loading. See your keyboard’s owner’s manual for information.

- Latest Operating System
- Triton Classic and Triton Rack users will need to have the SCSI option as well. This option is included with the Triton Studio, and it is not necessary with the Triton Extreme or TR. LE owners may bypass the need for SCSI by using smart media.

*Triton Classic, Triton LE, and TR users will not be able to load the largest Steinway bank.

** Triton Extreme, LE, and TR owners may need to load program banks A and B from the Triton Classic / Studio factory presets. Some combinations from Volume 1 rely on these sounds.

Audio Demos

All demos were created exclusively on a Korg Triton Studio. No additional processing was used. What you hear is Volume 1 only.

Pianos Steinway D VS - Demo 1 Steinway D VS - Demo 2 Steinway VS Classical Steinway ff Rock EXpressive Kawai Aggressive EX Kawai 2 Exp Kawai 2 Rock Kawai 2 Process Baldwin Baldwin Komp Bright FM Electric Pianos FM EP 1, 8-Vel B FM EP 1 Programs FM EP 2, 6-Vel FM EP 2, 6-Vel - Demo 2 FM EP 2 Programs Bonus Content Legato Violins String Stack Pad Vel String Pad