Epic Grand – PC3K Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds is proud to present Epic Grand, an amazing piano sample library for the Kurzweil PC3K featuring close-miked stereo samples of a Japanese grand. With pristine multi-dynamic samples and plenty of sustain, this piano is designed to make your music truly epic.

Epic Grand for the Kurzweil PC3K offers up to four sampled dynamic layers. High quality loops keep samples sizes compact while achieving a generous, natural-sounding sustain. Every note truly sings. Additional independent elements such as damper resonance, release resonance, hammer noise samples, and damper noise samples bring the piano to life. To our knowledge, Epic Grand offers the most complete piano experience available for the PC3K.

This product provides a unique implementation of damper resonance: Real sampled resonance provides greater realism than digital effects or convolution. And because the resonance is presented as an independent component of the instrument, its volume may be adjusted, and it can be disabled entirely.

We’ve included thoughtful programming to help you get the most out of Epic Grand:
- Five bank sizes allow you to manage sample memory usage: 121Mb, 80Mb, 42Mb, 28Mb, and 13Mb. (Please see the User Guide PDF below for details.)
- Programs and setups provide a variety of natural, produced, bright, normal, soft, solo, and layered variations.
- Real-time controls allow you to customize the tone and enable / disable piano elements.
- In addition to the true sampled damper resonance included in the largest two banks, all banks provide excellent damper resonance effects, allowing you to maximize the PC3K’s polyphony.

At K-Sounds, we believe the most important requirement of a piano sample library is that it be incredibly playable. With that goal in mind, Epic Grand was played constantly during its development process. As a result, we believe it is one of the most musical and playable virtual pianos available.

Download User Guide Epic Grand PC3K Format User Guide

Instrument: Kurzweil PC3K6, PC3K7, or PC3K8.

Available Sample Memory: 121Mb, 80Mb, 42Mb, 28Mb, or 13Mb, depending on the selected bank.

To Load: Compatible USB storage device.

Audio Demos

No reverb, EQ, compression or other effects processing was added in any demo. What you hear is Epic Grand only.

Classical Works demos were produced using MIDI files created by Bernd Krueger and used by permission. (See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/de/deed.en) The MIDI files were used unedited.

Improvisation Full Pianos & Soft Pianos Bright Pianos Layered Pianos Classical Works Scenes from Childhood - Great Adventure (Schumann) Kreisleriana, Op. 16, No. 5 (Schumann) Sonata 10 KV 330, Movt. 1 (Mozart) Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66 (Chopin) Bank Size Comparison EPIC_4V - 121Mb - This bank includes 4 sampled velocities, sampled damper resonance, release resonance, hammer noises, and damper noises. EPIC_3V - 80Mb - This bank includes 3 sampled velocities and sampled damper resonance. EPIC_2V - 42Mb - This bank includes 2 sampled velocities and damper resonance effects. EPIC_1VF - 28Mb - This bank includes 1 sampled velocity (loud) and damper resonance effects. EPIC_1VP - 13Mb - This bank includes 1 sampled velocity (soft) and damper resonance effects.