Organimation – MOX Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds presents Organimation, a tonewheel organ sound library of more than 160 sounds designed to be the definitive organ resource for your Yamaha MOX.

This next-generation product continues K-Sounds’ tradition of offering unique, extra-thick rotary speaker effects comparable to dedicated organ clones in a sound set that is diverse and highly controllable. A full bank of 128 voices is provided: 68 “solo” organs designed to be used by themselves and a refined toolkit of 60 “component” voices designed for combined use in Performance mode.

More than 40 performances are included. These utilize the component voices to create rich, stereo-enhanced organs with many useful drawbar settings. Choose from two distinct rotary speaker simulations and customize your tone with up to five controls per performance: independent adjustment of the upper and lower rotors, and selectable percussion, chorus, and overdrive.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Organimation MOX Format User Guide

MOX6, MOX7, or MOX8. Also loadable on MOXF, but a native MOXF version is available.

To Load:
Compatible USB storage device.

Audio Demos

Demos were created exclusively on a Motif XS using the same sounds as the MOX format of Organimation. No additional processing was applied. For a small number of sounds, drawbar settings may differ slightly from the demos due to the limitations of the MOX effects system in Performance mode.

Solo Organs Full / Rock Organs Gospel Organs Ballad Organs Jazz Organs Mix Demos Rock Mix Jazz Mix Ballad / Organ Pad Mix