About K-Sounds

Founded in 2002, K-Sounds provides innovative sample libraries and sound sets for Korg, Yamaha, and Kurzweil keyboards as well as Native Instruments Kontakt. We specialize in creating grand piano sample libraries and tonewheel organ sounds, so most of our products feature those kinds of sounds. We also offer nylon guitar sample libraries as well as a breath-controlled sound set.

Our goal is to create sounds that are extremely playable, sound fantastic, and bring features to your keyboard that have not been available before. For example, our Organimation products make workstation keyboards sound like dedicated "clonewheel" keyboards thanks to our exclusive extra-thick rotary speaker effects programming and flexible real-time control options. Our newer piano sample libraries such as Epic Grand and Signature Piano offer elements that are uncommon among keyboard workstations – true-sampled damper resonance (not just effects), release resonance, mechanical noise samples, and mono-compatibility.

Why Choose K-Sounds?

  • Every sound is designed by a musician for musicians.
  • Every sound is designed to be incredibly expressive and playable.
  • We strive to innovate, often providing features that have never been available for your keyboard before.
  • You matter to us. Excellent customer support is our priority before and after the sale.