Organimation – Yamaha ES Series Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds is proud to offer Organimation, an innovative tonewheel organ sound library for the Yamaha Motif ES, Motif-Rack ES, MO, and S90 ES. This collection of voices and performances will animate your synth’s organs like never before! Organimation offers rotary speaker simulations comparable to dedicated organ clones, allowing you to leave the clone at home - or in the store! What’s more, every sound offers real-time control over the character of the rotary simulation, and many feature real-time drawbar control, real-time adjustable chorus, or single-trigger percussion.

Organimation features 49 “solo voices” and 26 performances programmed for a wide variety of applications including rock, jazz, and gospel styles. Dozens of additional “component voices” are provided for use in Performance and Mixing modes. Component voices present individual drawbars, multiple drawbar combinations, adjustable chorus simulation, built-in stereo enhancement, and more. Whether you're looking for excellent presets or a capable organ toolkit, Organimation delivers.

Because Organimation does not require sample RAM, all Yamaha Motif ES, Motif-Rack ES, S90 ES, MO6, and MO8 users can load these sounds.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Organimation ES Series Format User Guide

Organimation is fully compatible with the Motif ES6 / ES7 / ES8, Motif-Rack ES, S90 ES, and MO6 / MO8. No other Yamaha instruments (such as the original Motif, Motif-Rack and S90) are compatible.

RAM Requirements:

Other Requirements:
- Keyboard users: Compatible USB or Smart Media storage device (with computer).
- Rack users: Computer with USB connection. Yamaha Motif-Rack ES Voice editor software. Hardware or software sequencer (such as Cubase) capable of transmitting system exclusive data imbedded in a track.

Audio Demos

All demos created exclusively on a Motif ES. No additional processing is applied.

Solo Organs Mellow 1 P - Performance featuring single-trigger percussion. Ballad 5 D - Performance featuring real-time drawbars. Rock 8b - Performance. Full 1 C - Voice featuring real-time adjustable chorus. Jazz 9 - Performance. Jazz 10 PD - Performance featuring single-trigger percussion and real-time drawbar control. Gospel 18CD - Performance featuring real-time adjustable chorus and real-time drawbar control. Mix Demos Rock 2 P - Voice featuring single-trigger percussion. Jazz 10 PD - Performance. Demonstrated with percussion disabled. Gospel 8CD and Full 1 C - Two voices. Listen from 0:25 to 0:29 to hear the user-adjustable chorus change. Club Combo - Performance. Demonstrated by itself (no instruments added).