K-Sounds' Sound Libraries for Kurzweil K2000

Volume 1

Volume 1 is a piano sample library featuring stereo samples of four distinct pianos: a Steinway concert grand, a Baldwin concert grand, a Kawai concert grand, and a mid-size Kawai grand. A variety of solo and layered sounds are provided for each piano. Volume 1 also offers a violin ensemble sample and lush multi-velocity samples of FM electric pianos.

More details and audio demos.


Volume 2

Volume 2 is a piano sample library featuring velocity-switched samples of a beautiful Kawai EX concert grand, carefully programmed and ready to play. Presets are provided to cover a wide variety of applications and styles. Solo pianos vary brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Layered sounds combine the piano with electric pianos, pads, orchestras, and string sections.

Designed for the Kurzweil K2xxx keyboards, this piano sample library offers abundant real-time control options as well as dozens of possible bank sizes for efficient sample RAM management.

More details and audio demos.