Live Worship – Kronos Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds Live Worship is a sound library for Korg Kronos providing a wealth of sounds perfect for live worship services. Live Worship include pianos, electric pianos, organs, bells, pads, lead synths, drone textures, acoustic and electric guitars, Celtic instruments, brass, strings, auxiliary percussion, and more!

Live Worship also includes special combinations called Menus. These allow a keyboard player to easily layer essential sounds. For example, a single combination may have multiple synth pad options as well as piano and tonewheel organ available in the left hand. The right hand can play a warm bell, electric piano, or Uilleann pipe. When on-screen pads are selected, there is a selection of mark tree, huge "boom" effects, and cymbal rolls that follow tap tempo. Using just one of the Menu combinations, a keyboard player could easily cover an entire worship set when playing with a band.

Individual sounds are just as thoughtful. With lead electric guitars, playing forcefully triggers a slide into the target note. Aftertouch bends the strings to raise the pitch, allowing players to execute authentic vibrato with aftertouch-enabled keyboards. Knob 7 introduces tempo-sync’d delay. The ribbon creates detuning, and the joystick can add either vibrato or wah.

Pianos come in many flavors. In addition to the natural-sounding "Center Stage Grand," you'll find bright and compressed pianos, layers with electric piano or pad, and powerful octave stacks.

With the Uilleann pipe, we've created a custom idiomatic vibrato controlled by aftertouch or the joystick. Using velocity, you can trigger upward bends of half or whole steps in slow or fast speeds - all selectable with switches. Similar expression is offered in the tin whistle and Celtic violin programs.

"The Warmth" is an extremely versatile synth pad that allows users to tastefully control detuning, envelope characteristics, octave layers, and effects while also simulating sidechain volume ducking with the joystick. Other pads provide various flavors of air and subtle motion, giving users a generous selection of worship-oriented textures.

For classic 90's worship songs, "Integrity EP" is the quintessential FM electric piano offering instant control over detuning, effects, and the pitch of the attack transient. For hymns, Live Worship offers a huge pipe organ as well as a variety of brass and string sounds.

Live Worship provides 81 HD1 programs, 51 EXi programs, 28 Combinations, and 7 Wavesequences. Kronos firmware 3.0.2 or higher is required. 11Mb sample memory is required beyond what is used for factory preload.

Download User Guide Live Worship User Guide

Any model Kronos can load Live Worship, though we recommend a model that transmits aftertouch for certain sounds. Kronos LS does not transmit aftertouch.

3.0.2 or higher

Sample Memory:
11Mb beyond what is used for factory preload.

Compatible USB storage device for loading.

Audio Demos

All demos were created exclusively with Live Worship for Korg Kronos. No additional sounds or processing was applied.

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