Volume 1 – Kurzweil Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

Volume 1 for the Kurzweil K2000, K2500, and K2600 is a piano sample library offering four distinct pianos, including a velocity-switched Kawai EX concert grand, a bright mid-sized Kawai grand, a Baldwin concert grand, and a velocity-switched Steinway D concert grand. Each is presented in stereo and has a full complement of KDFX treatments. Our stunning sympathetic string resonance effect is available for KDFX users. Dozens of piano programs are provided, including complex layers that allow sophisticated multi-sound performance within a single program.

The FM electric piano portion of this library uses both true FM synthesis and up to eight-velocity stereo multisampling. As with the grand piano programs, special care was taken to ensure that these are dynamic, highly playable sounds. Extensive real-time control is also provided, typically over detuning and changes in timbre, as well as reverb, chorus, and delay.

Bonus material includes a legato small violin ensemble (great for layers!) as well as solo and ensemble bagpipes. The bagpipes feature extensive real-time control over attack and release characteristics, as well as KDFX and ensemble detuning.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Volume 1 - Kurzweil Format User Guide

- Minimum 16Mb (except for VAST FM electric pianos).
- 96Mb required for some files.

Operating System:
- K2000: Version 3.87
- K2500: Version 2.88 (units without KDFX) or 5.00 (units with KDFX).
- K2600: Version 3.0
- K2661: Version 1.0 or greater (all versions fully compatible)

Audio Demos

All demos were created exclusively on a Kurzweil K2500 with KDFX. No additional processing was used. What you hear is Volume 1 only.

Pianos Natural Stein VS - Demo 1 Natural Stein VS - Demo 2 Chamber Stein VS New Age Stein ff Natural VS Pno x Expressive Pno f Soft Piano 2 fx Bright VS Pno x Natural Kawai - Demo 1 Natural Kawai - Demo 2 Baldwin 9' - Demo 1 Baldwin 9' - Demo 2 FM Electric Pianos 4-Vel Warm FM EP 8V Expressive EP Soft FM EP 6v Soft EP 2 - Medley (includes multiple demos) Bonus Sounds Slow Violins Solo Bagpipes Bagpipe Ensemble