Piano 2 – Kronos Format (Unofficial) Terms And Conditions
Product Description

By special request, this unofficial piano sample library for the Korg Kronos features samples of a Kawai EX concert grand. There are several solo piano programs - normal, bright, and dark variations. All solo pianos include a beautiful damper resonance effect and a custom note release emulation. In addition, there are layered programs (piano with pad, strings, synth, or Rhodes) and a mono solo piano program.

There is no user guide, but the loading process is the same as other K-Sounds sample libraries with the exception that the programs will be in the User-GG bank unless you choose a different destination bank when loading.

Download User Guide

Instrument: Korg Kronos.

Operating system: 2.0 or higher (already installed on Kronos X and Kronos 2)

To Load: Compatible USB storage device.

Audio Demos