Piano 2 – Motif ES Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds proudly presents Piano 2 for the Yamaha Motif ES. This incredible sample library features recordings of a beautiful Kawai EX concert grand, carefully sampled and fully programmed for the Motif ES. Four velocity-switched configurations are included, ranging from 92Mb to 146Mb. All configurations feature long samples - up to 15 seconds for the lowest notes!

Nineteen solo piano voices and fifteen performances cover a wide variety of applications and styles. Voices vary brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Performances offer several layered combinations - electric pianos, pads, orchestras, large and small string sections - as well as a few “combo” sounds which combine piano, bass, and five ideal rhythm patterns.

Tired of pianos that die away too quickly? These samples have been edited and programmed to sustain beautifully.

Want a piano that can be heard in a full mix? Our Mix Piano voice maintains a solid presence in a mix, and our Studio, Bright, and Hyper voices give you plenty of richness and brightness. To hear them in action, check out our Mix Demos on this page.

Need a warm, playable piano for classical or film applications? We think you’ll love our Classical, Warm, Tender, and Recital voices.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Piano 2 - Motif ES Format User Guide

Instrument: Motif ES6 / ES7 / ES8.

RAM Requirements: Minimum 128Mb RAM. 256Mb recommended. (Banks range from 92Mb to 146Mb.)

Media Requirements: Compatible USB or Smart Media storage device (with computer).

Audio Demos

No additional processing was added to any Solo or Layered demo. What you hear in those demos is Piano 2 only.

Solo Pianos Studio Piano Bright Piano Classic Piano Warm Piano Layered Pianos Piano and Pad TIMEstak Mix Demos Rock Mix Light Groove Mix