Piano 1 – Motif ES Terms And Conditions
Product Description

Piano 1 is an awesome piano sample library for the Yamaha Motif ES featuring stereo samples of a Steinway D concert grand piano. This product offers a wide variety of voices and performances catering to different styles and applications. Four velocity-switched configurations are included, ranging from 46Mb to 76Mb.

Programming includes nineteen solo piano voices and fifteen performances. Voices vary brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Performances offer several layered combinations - electric pianos, pads, orchestras, large and small string sections - as well as a few “combo” sounds which combine piano, bass, and five ideal rhythm patterns.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Piano 1 - Motif ES Format User Guide

Instrument: Motif ES6 / ES7 / ES8.

RAM Requirements: 128Mb RAM.

Media Requirements: Compatible USB or Smart Media storage device (with computer).

Audio Demos

No additional processing was added to any Improvisation demo. What you hear in those demos is Piano 1 only.

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