Organimation Version 2 – Kronos Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds presents Organimation, the definitive tonewheel organ sound library for your Korg Kronos. Updated for Kronos OS 3.0, Organimation is now more powerful than ever. It begins with the already impressive CX3 engine, carefully programmed for authentic vintage vibe and substantial real-time control. Going beyond CX3, we’ve added unique tone shaping and extra thick rotary speaker effects to provide a new world of realism and attitude. Organimation unleashes the true organ power of your Kronos.

New for version 2, we have expanded Organimation to include a full 128 sounds. Every sound from version 1 is included. For the new organs, we've created:

  • New tone shaping. Every drawbar setting sounds more authentic than ever!
  • New tube overdrive effects programming - extra rich, extra warm!
  • New rotary speaker effects programming with even more animation and better frequency response.
  • Stereo and gig-friendly mono versions of each new organ.

Organimation includes presets to cover any style. You’ll find rich ballad tones, gospel organs that really take you to church, jazz settings full of personality, and screaming organs that rock hard.

Real-time control options abound. Start with nine fully independent drawbars, add adjustable percussion and chorus / vibrato, and even split the keyboard with the touch of a button. Use optional tone shaping / distortion, and activate delay to enhance your solo.

Free Upgrade - If you purchased Organimation for Kronos before October 2015, Version 2 is a free update! You should have received an email in 2015 or 2016 with a download link. If you did not receive it, please contact us.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Organimation Kronos User Guide

Instrument: Korg Kronos keyboard (any size).

RAM Requirements: None.

Operating System: 3.0 or higher

To Load: USB Flash Drive.

Audio Demos

For solo organ demos, no processing was applied. What you hear is Organimation only.

For the mix demos only, organs may have EQ, compression, reverb, and/or delay applied.

Version 2 Solo Organs Ballad Organs Full Organs Rock Organs Gospel Organs (includes keyboard splits) Jazz Organs (includes keyboard splits) Mono Organs (dedicated mono versions of Version 2 programs) Mix Demos for Version 2 Sounds Rock Mix Shuffle Ballad Mix Gospel Mix Version 1 Solo Organs (included with version 2) Rock Organs Ballad Organs Gospel Organs (includes keyboard splits) Jazz Organs (includes keyboard splits) Full Organs Mix Demos for Version 1 Sounds Pop / Rock Mix Jazz Mix Gospel Mix