Organimation – Motif XF Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds presents Organimation, a tonewheel organ sound library of more than 170 sounds designed to be the definitive organ resource for your Yamaha Motif XF.

This next-generation product continues K-Sounds’ tradition of offering unique, extra-thick rotary speaker effects comparable to dedicated organ clones in a sound set that is diverse and highly controllable. A full bank of 128 voices is provided: 68 “solo” organs designed to be used by themselves and a refined toolkit of 60 “component” voices designed for combined use in Performance mode.

More than 40 performances are included. These utilize the component voices to create rich, stereo-enhanced organs with many useful drawbar settings. Choose from two distinct rotary speaker simulations and customize your tone with up to six controls per performance: real-time drawbars, independent adjustment of the upper and lower rotors, and selectable percussion, chorus, and overdrive.

For the ultimate Motif organ experience, Organimation provides stunning Master mode organs, each of which can cover an entire set list of organ duties. Designed for maximum real-time control, each one offers 8 independent drawbars, selectable percussion, selectable chorus, and selectable overdrive* – all within a single Master setup. Never before has a Motif organ been so complete.

*One Master mode organ does not offer overdrive.

Download User Guide K-Sounds Organimation Motif XF Format User Guide

Motif XF6, XF7, or XF8. Voices and performances will load on the MOXF, but a native MOXF version is available.

RAM Requirements:

To Load:
Compatible USB storage device or computer networked to Motif XF.

Audio Demos

Demos were created exclusively on a Motif XS using the same sounds as the Motif XF format of Organimation. No additional processing was applied.

Solo Organs Full / Rock Organs Gospel Organs Ballad Organs Jazz Organs Master Mode Drawbars Master Mode Drawbars with Distortion Mix Demos Rock Mix Jazz Mix Ballad / Organ Pad Mix