Organimation – Montage and MODX Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds presents Organimation, a tonewheel organ sound library designed to be the definitive organ resource for the Yamaha Montage and MODX.

At the heart of Organimation are long-looped samples of true vintage tonewheels, capturing their signature complexity, key click, and leakage. We carefully recreated all nine drawbars, constantly referring to the original, so that any drawbar setting you choose will sound authentic. We've also included detailed percussion samples, allowing you to select between 2nd and 3rd harmonics and fast or slow decay. Many performances include an incredible, adjustable C3 chorus emulation that does not consume polyphony, and our custom rotary speaker effects programming is outstanding! For those who need an aggressive edge, several performances feature optional warm overdrive.

40 performances are provided. Most offer drawbar control with up to eight independent drawbars. Move the sliders to adjust the drawbars yourself, or turn the Super Knob to fade between multiple useful drawbar settings. You'll find fantastic sounding presets for rock, ballads, jazz, and gospel, and creating your own presets is very easy: Simply adjust the knobs, sliders, and scene controls, and store the sound as a new performance!

In addition to sounding incredible, Organimation includes several thoughtful touches:

  • Rotary speaker and chorus depths are easily adjustable.
  • Chorus and overdrive can be easily enabled / disabled.
  • User-adjustable knobs are labeled on the screen.
  • A handful of single-part organs are provided for easy layering or multi-timbral use.
  • Bass or optional low end enhancement is provided on most performances.
  • We've included 5 Live Sets, suggesting sounds for standard stylistic needs.
  • For those who need a fantastic organ for use with an external rotary speaker, two performances are programmed without rotary effects and assigned to the assignable outputs.
Download User Guide K-Sounds Organimation Montage and MODX Format User Guide

Montage 6, 7, or 8.
MODX 6, 7, or 8.

Montage version 1.51 or higher.
MODX version 1.00 or higher.

Free sample memory:

To load:
Compatible USB storage device.

Audio Demos

Solo organ demos were created exclusively using Organimation for Montage and MODX. No additional processing was applied.

Organ sounds in mix demos were created exclusively using Organimation for Montage and MODX. Dynamics processing, reverb, and delay were applied.

Non-organ sounds in mix demos are NOT included with Organimation.

Solo Organs "9 Bars Close" - Single Performance using Super Knob for drawbar control. Ballad and Rock Organs Gospel Organs Jazz Organs Full Organs Layered Organs - With Synth Pad or Pop Brass Mix Demos Rock Mix Gospel Mix Country Shuffle Mix