KS Rotary – K2500 / K2600 Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description

K-Sounds KS Rotary is an incredibly innovative tonewheel organ sound library for the Kurzweil K2500 and K2600 series. Previously, producing a convincing rotary speaker effect with your Kurzweil meant allocating precious KDFX resources or using large samples which fail to capture the transitions between fast and slow speeds. Now, the new KS Rotary collection offers all Kurzweil users a convincing rotary speaker emulation that is not dependent on effects processing or samples because the emulation is built into the programming itself. Forget about the old K2500 preset emulations. These are in a class by themselves. In fact, we believe these rotary speakers exceed the realism offered by many synths’ effects processors!

KS Rotary offers a generous assortment of drawbar settings and timbre variations, as well as optional percussion. “Rotor Noise” programs give you noisy, gritty rotary speakers if you desire. In some contexts, the rotor noise can act as an overdrive simulation as well.

Both programs and setups are provided. Programs use three layers to recreate both the rotor and horn, yielding a convincing, thick texture. Setups use four layers to provide an even thicker horn emulation as well as independent horn and rotor speeds. Both programs and setups feature single-trigger percussion on many sounds, and speaker noise is available as a zone in the Setups.

Factory ROM samples are used generously, but that’s not the whole story. We’ve also included 250 individual samples covering 12 drawbar settings. Totalling only 500k, these samples can be loaded almost instantly at a gig or session. Despite their small size, these samples sound full and rich. Check them out for yourself; all demos use our custom samples. We think you'll love these tonewheel organ sounds!

Download User Guide K-Sounds KS Rotary User Guide

RAM Requirements:
- 1Mb sample memory

Operating System Requirements:
- K2500: Version 2.80
- K2600: Version 1.0 or greater (all versions fully compatible)
- K2661: Version 1.0 or greater (all versions fully compatible)

- For one of four the 888888888 varitions, the Contemporary ROM is used as a bonus for those who have this ROM.

Audio Demos

All demos were created exclusively on a Kurzweil K2500. No additional processing was used. What you hear is KS Rotary only.

Mix Demos Jazz comping - Uses 008600000 with percussion. Rock pads - Uses 888884053 bright variation. Also features our Volume 2 piano. Bluesy licks - Uses 808000006. Also features our Volume 2 piano. Solo Demos - Drawbar Settings Listed 808000000 with percussion 888000000 888800000 832000003 with percussion 808808006 with percussion and optional rotary noise 808400000 888884053 888888888