KS B3 – K2500 / K2600 Format Terms And Conditions
Product Description


KS B3 is a tonewheel organ sound library for the Kurzweil K2600 series and K2500 with KDFX. It offers dozens of awesome tonewheel organ programs, most of which use KB3 mode and KDFX. This collection was made to satisfy users’ needs for more realistic rotary speaker effects and more “scream,” as well as provide convenient non-KDFX alternatives for multitimbral applications.

In addition to standard control over KB3 drawbars, chorus/vibrato, percussion, and rotary speaker speed, additional real-time control is provided over parameters such as overdrive amount, speaker type, or delay wet/dry.* Programs are divided into four basic categories, with each category including several staple drawbar settings.

Sound Categories

Custom - Uses custom settings for a processor-intensive (4 PAU) KDFX algorithm, resulting in a highly-realistic stereo rotary speaker sound.

Overdrive - Uses a skillful combination of effects to provide a “live”-sounding overdrive “scream” that often eludes B3 clones. All of KDFX processing power is used to provide an ultimate simulation.

Small-FX - Similar to the Overdrive programs, except that these use only the FX Bus’ 4 PAU’s to provide rotary speaker and overdrive “scream,” leaving the Aux bus “free” to provide delay and reverb (or anything else you may substitute).

VAST Rotary - Useable on any K-series machine, these normal, three-layer programs provide rotary speaker emulation which holds up quite well in a mix, considering neither KB3 nor KDFX is used. (Alternate mix demo here.) Use these programs when you need to reserve KDFX for other tasks.

*VAST Rotary programs, which have been left completely dry, only include control over rotary speaker speed.

Download User Guide K-Sounds KS B3 User Guide

Operating System:
- K2500: Version 5.0
- K2600: Version 3.0
- K2661: Version 1.0 or greater (all versions fully compatible)

- K2500: KDFX

Audio Demos

All demos were created on a Kurzweil K2500. No additional processing was used. What you hear is KS B3 only.

"Custom" programs (medley) "Overdrive" and "Small-FX" programs (medley) VAST Rotary programs (medley)