Artikulation – Motif ES, MO, Motif-Rack ES Terms And Conditions
Product Description

Artikulation is a breath controller optimized sound library for the Yamaha Motif ES, Motif-Rack ES, and MO. Artikulation features brass, woodwind, and string sounds created with one goal in mind: expression. Say goodbye to static saxes, half-hearted horns, and one-dimensional woodwinds. Let Artikulation bring your music to life.

Artikulation offers more than two hundred sounds, all carefully designed for maximum expressive potential. Need a trumpet that can handle fluctuating dynamics, legato phrasing, or a convincing double high C? No problem. Need a Uilleann bagpipe that lets you play convincing ornaments, bends, and finger vibrato? It's here. How about a French horn section that offers real-time control of its entire dynamic range? Or lush, cinematic strings that swell at your command? Or a flute that can move from fast, accented jazz to smooth, lyrical melodies on a whim? Artikulation delivers, offering a huge collection of solo and ensemble brass, woodwind, and string instruments, as well as ethnic winds, synths and electric guitars. In addition to standard instruments such as clarinet, trombone, and violin, you'll find less common sounds such as muted horn, muted trombone, tuba ensemble, tin whistle, flute ensemble, oboe ensemble, and even baritone sax ensemble.

Most Artikulation voices and performances are optimized for use with a breath controller such as the Yamaha BC3. The dynamic range of each instrument was carefully considered to make each sound respond as musically as possible. Whenever appropriate, zero breath pressure yields soft dynamics while maximum breath pressure gives a full, bright sound. Other controllers are used as well: Note-on velocity typically controls attack speed. Aftertouch controls vibrato when applicable. For select sounds, additional elements such as saxophone growl, brass flutter tonguing, flute overblowing, and Celtic pitch bends are available at the highest note-on velocities.

In addition to the many breath controlled instruments, Artikulation includes a few percussion voices that make easy work of typically tedious tasks. Timpani, cymbal, and bass drums are presented in keyboard splits that make rolls and dynamic phrases natural to play. What's more, there are no preset lengths, pitches, or dynamics to hinder your creativity.

Because Artikulation does not require sample RAM, all Yamaha Motif ES, Motif-Rack ES, MO6, and MO8 users can load these sounds. S90 ES users can load the voices only, not performances. MO6 and MO8 owners, please note that your keyboard does not transmit aftertouch or accept a breath controller; the native files for your instrument substitute an expression pedal for the breath controller and the modulation wheel for aftertouch.

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Artikulation is fully compatible with the Motif ES6 / ES7 / ES8, Motif-Rack ES, and MO6 / MO8. Artikulation voices only may be loaded into the S90 ES. No other Yamaha instruments (such as the original Motif, Motif-Rack and S90) are compatible.

Breath Controller or Expression Pedal: Although K-Sounds recommends using a Yamaha BC3 breath controller with these sounds, you may use an expression pedal if you prefer. Simply assign the pedal to send MIDI CC 2. Even easier, Motif ES users who load the included ALL file only need to plug an expression pedal into the Foot Controller 1 input.

RAM Requirements:

Other Requirements
Keyboard users: Compatible USB or Smart Media storage device (with computer).

Rack users: Computer with USB connection. Yamaha Motif-Rack ES Voice editor software. Hardware or software sequencer (such as Cubase or SQ01) capable of transmitting system exclusive data imbedded in a track. Sonar products are not compatible.

Audio Demos

All demos were created exclusively on a Motif ES. No additional processing was applied. What you hear is Artikulation only.

Solo Brass Brass Ensembles Saxophones Orchestral Woodwinds Strings Choirs Percussion - Not breath controlled. World Instruments Guitars and Synths