Tonewheel Organ Sound Libraries

OrganimationK-Sounds Organimation - Tonewheel Organ Sound Library

Organimation is designed to be the definitive tonewheel organ sound library for your keyboard. Dozens of presets are provided, featuring a wide variety of tones and drawbar settings. You’ll have access to chorus, percussion, tone control, and as much independent drawbar control as the keyboard allows. And no matter which Organimation set you choose, you’ll be treated to extra-thick rotary speaker effects comparable to dedicated organ keyboards.

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KS B3KSB3-Kurzweil

KS B3 for the Kurzweil K2500 and K2600 is a tonewheel organ sound library offering dozens of sounds, most of which use KB3 mode and KDFX. This collection was made to satisfy users’ needs for more realistic rotary speaker effects and more authentic distortion as well as provide convenient non-KDFX alternatives for multitimbral applications.

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KS RotaryK-Sounds KS Rotary - Tonewheel Organ Sound Library

KS Rotary for the Kurzweil K2xxx series is a tonewheel organ sound library providing high quality rotary speaker effects that do not require an effects processor. This allows the Kurzweil’s effects processors to be used for other functions in multitimbral applications involving tonewheel organ sounds. KS Rotary includes a variety of preset programs and setups covering different drawbar settings. Memory-efficient RAM samples are included.

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