Breath Controller Sound Library


Artikulation is a sound library of brass, woodwind, and string sounds created with one goal in mind: expression. Say goodbye to static saxes, half-hearted horns, and one-dimensional woodwinds. Let Artikulation bring your music to life.

We started by programming the sounds for use with a breath controller, customizing each instrument to respond authentically throughout its dynamic range. This allows you to convincing musical phrasing in real time. Many sounds are further optimized based on the instrument type. Need a trumpet that can handle fluctuating dynamics, legato phrasing, or a convincing double high C? No problem. Need a Uilleann bagpipe that lets you play convincing ornaments, bends, and finger vibrato? It's here. How about a French horn section that offers real-time control of its entire dynamic range? Or lush, cinematic strings that swell at your command? Or a flute that can move from fast, accented jazz to smooth, lyrical melodies on a whim? Artikulation delivers, offering a huge collection of solo and ensemble brass, woodwind, and string instruments, as well as ethnic winds, synths and electric guitars. In addition to standard instruments such as clarinet, trombone, and violin, you'll find less common sounds such as muted horn, muted trombone, tuba ensemble, tin whistle, flute ensemble, oboe ensemble, and even baritone sax ensemble.

Available in one format: