K-Sounds Organimation for Korg M50

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Korg M50 (any size).

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Compatible SD card.




K-Sounds presents Organimation, the definitive B3 organ resource for your M50. With authentic recreations of vintage tonewheel drawbars, massively upgraded rotary speaker effects, and impressive real-time control options, Organimation unleashes the true organ power of your M50.

At the heart of Organimation are detailed recreations of all nine drawbars. We’ve programmed accurate foldback and volume contours across the keyboard so that every drawbar setting sounds authentic. We’ve also included percussion programs for both 2nd and 3rd harmonic variations.

Utilizing Combination mode, Organimation provides many classic drawbar settings and organ tones, complete with sweet-sounding tube emulation effects. And if you want to sculpt the sound yourself, these organs offer real-time drawbar control, selectable C3 chorus, and selectable percussion. Organimation for the M50 is even optimized for double manual operation! On MIDI channel 2, you’ll find three more adjustable drawbars that are already configured for bass or comping.

No B3 emulation is complete without a killer rotary speaker effect, and Organimation delivers! Two unique rotary speaker simulations provide authenticity that’s typically reserved for dedicated organ keyboards.
Rotary 1 is very wide with a glassy, shimmering high end. Rotary 2 is ultra thick, providing a depth of animation that holds it own in any mix, even without chorus added. Nothing even close is found in the M50’s factory presets.

Want more information? Click to view the User Guide for Organimation M50.

Single Sound Demos
808000008 Smooth and Glassy
688600000 Ballad
800000444 Jazzy
688000008 Screamin’
500770008 Gospel Fast
888888888 Full Drawbars
088840000 Bright Licks
Bright Rock
Gospel 1 (presented with included drum track)

Mix Demos
Pop / Rock Mix
Jazz Mix
Gospel Mix

About the demos: All demos were created on an M3 using the Organimation for M50 programs and combinations. No additional processing was applied to any organ sound. All organs are presented exactly as they are in the product.

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